E-Steam water generator – charge your mobile in a river

e Steam generator uses a river to charge your mobile phone

We’ve all been caught out by our mobile phone when the battery goes flat.  More often than not its near home or the office, so we can charge it up and back on our mobiles.  But what happens if you were out in the wilderness, with just a mountain view and a lake beside you?  No problem here’s how to use a river to charge your mobile phone

This is when you need the e-Steam water generator, for exactly this kind of situation.

When you take a walk in the country and see the rivers, the waterfalls, feel the warmth of the sun and brace against the angry wind, what would you decide to think of most?  Some will enjoy the natural surroundings for what they are worth, but there is an increasing belief in looking at some of the concepts of Nature as a source for powering up our mobile phones.

If you don’t like the idea of creating CO2 when you charge your mobile up, remember you can create over a 1000kgs of CO2 per year with just one mobile phone.  And when you consider there are over 7 billion mobile phones here on Earth, then it becomes a major concern.

So surely, there are ways of then harnessing the powers produced naturally here on Earth.  We have explored power from wind, and the sun.  But what about water?  Maybe rivers and seas could be a ‘go to’ solution in charging up your mobile phones.  Nature is one glorious provider of energy.  Read on.

Innovative designers out there have found a way of charging up a mobile phone by using a water wheel.  The wheel generates power and a babbling brook is just enough to boost your smartphone by another 40 percent battery power.

The way the e-Steam water generator works is simple.  The device is about the size of a flashlight and is lightweight enough to be portable.  It is the ideal invention to take with you when out camping or hiking in the middle of a forest or mountain where there might be a stream or river.

So when your mobile phone does that ‘I’m all out’ at the most inconvenient time and its energy levels are depleted, have no fear.  You simply deploy the Water Generator by taking off its cap.  Then open up the blades and place into a fast running stream of water or river and leave for just over four hours.  When the water generator is completely charged up it will provide enough power to fully charge up a mobile phone, a Go Pro camera or a small tablet.

E-Steam water generator – money well spent

The initial cost of the e-Stream is around $180, but it has a shelf life of decades.  It generates power for free when you and your friends might be out wild camping and has no access to a power point.  Moreover, the energy you harness from a babbling brook, raging river or gentle stream is absolutely free.  With such a design like this, Nature can only but love your smartphone, almost as much as you do.