These are ideas where someone shows a bit on innovation, asks the general public and investors for money to kick-start the idea and then (hopefully) the idea will go viral and grow and everyone who invested could end up benefitting. Sometimes a great idea just needs a bit of cash to get it on its way. It’s a bit like a snowball that needs a push from some strangers on that hill when you were a child.

When your snowball eventually became so big it could tumble all the way down the hill in spectacular fashion, you would look back at your friends and thank them for the assistance you received. There is one Kickstarter project which took off recently and really has become a big winner.

The electric bike. We have all heard of them and all seen them out and about on our travels. Basically, they are pushbikes with a little bit of extra help thrown in for moving faster with less effort. But many cyclists have actually said they would not be seen dead riding these vehicles.

We are not sure why such vehicles are so unpopular but now there is a way where you can turn an ordinary cycle into an electric one simply by swapping out a tyre at the front. The thing is with electric bikes is that they have been around for a long time (we remember seeing them in the seventies) but the niche retail audience that would happily buy these bikes have remained just that – a niche.

It seems there is only a certain type of person who would invest in an electric bike and they tend to be middle-aged and not as active as most but usually not comfortable with driving. It’s not a big niche but it should be. This new Kickstarter project can make everyday cyclists (who are booming in number) start using electric bikes simply by converting their own cycle’s front wheel.

Amazingly enough, the front wheel of the electric-powered adapted cycle looks more of a hit and modern than the standard wheel you would have had before. The wheel is designed by a company called and swapping it back and forth between the standard wheel and the electric-powered one is simple and should only take a few seconds.