The ocean currents drag all these plastic wastes and accumulate them in one place. As per scientific data, there are 5 such areas where the rotating currents have lead to concentrated accumulation of plastic debris. This is a threat to the aquatic life and also interferes with the shipping industry.

This has been happening for a very long time and environmental conservation organizations and media all over the world has been stressing over the massive plastic pollution in our oceans. We have all heard it, but have we actually listened?

Our human lifestyle over the last 50 years has created vast amounts of rubbish. Lots of which is cast into the sea to be forgotten about. Water forms 71% of our entire plant surface, it is home to marine plants to many to count and marine mammals that thrive in these oceans.

What can we do about the dumping of all this trash especially, plastic garbage into the oceans? That threatens the life of so many under the sea.

One person was struck by this problem, Boyan Slat, he began working on this very problem on ways to clean up the oceans when he was 17 years old. This was for his high school project. He then went on to invent an ocean cleaning system which harnesses the ocean currents force to capture the plastic debris in the ocean.

Boyan is now the founder and CEO of the Ocean Clean Up Foundation, which has introduced strategies to implement this ocean cleaning system. The Ocean Clean up Array is still in progress and if successful, this system promises to clear 7,250,000 tonnes of plastic waste from our massive oceans.

This ocean cleaning device is a network of floating barriers and platforms that can capture the floating plastic trash from the ocean. The Ocean Clean up foundation has stated that a single ocean cleanup array can clear the plastic garbage from the Great Pacific in about 10 years. The project won Boyan back in November 2014, the Champions of the Earth award of the United Nations environment programme.