Charge your mobile phone in just 3 minutes

Recharge your mobile in just 3 minutes iTron

Charge your mobile phone in just 3 minutes, no way, 3 hours maybe and even longer if your battery is old.  Why do mobile phones run out of power at the most important times, I’ve hardly used it?

Picture the scenario: you and the family have just returned from a great day by the lakes, enjoyed a barbecue and some beautiful weather.  You have taken scores of pictures on your mobile phone of the kids having a good time and you now want to upload them quickly to social media and call the grandparents to tell them about your wonderful day.

Problem is – your mobile phone has run right out of juice and has just powered itself off.

No problem, you might think; just place it on charge and wait the usual two hours plus another half for it to fire up and then you make those calls, transfer those pictures and have enough power for taking the phone out for that birthday meal you and the significant other have planned for later.

Only thing is, you are all running late and you need to be out in around an hour’s time.  What to do? If you charge up your mobile phone to around 20 percent full it will be enough to post your photos on Facebook or Twitter and perhaps make that call to Gran.

By the time it goes out to the restaurant for that evening birthday bash, you will be sitting there at the table while all the other guests snap away on their fully charged mobile phone or smartphones, as you will have a smartphone clinging on for dear life with just about seven or eight percent power remaining.  And you know you are going to need that power for when you call the late night taxi to take you and your other half home at the end of the evening.

Now, what if you had a charger which could plug into a mobile phone (a flat one that has switched off because the power has drained completely) and boost it up to 100 percent charged in the space of just THREE minutes, yes, three minutes, you would be saying, “Yeah right, dream on!”

Charge your mobile phone in just 3 minutes – the iTron

The portable battery charger we are talking about is an iTron.  It can be charged from flat in just 18 minutes and uses a whopping 9000 mAh battery in its armour.  The iTron has been specifically created for use on those busy people who are using smartphones 24/7 and need to get them charged up quickly.