Charge a mobile phone with your solar shirt

solar shirt designed by van Dongen

The big question is: how to charge a mobile phone, not only cheaper but also to reduce your amount of CO2 impact because of it?  Well, one would hope that eco-friendly mobile phones will be the norm within five years, so why not get on board now rather than wait?  Charging our devices have become a huge problem since the days of the first iPhone 1 back in 2007, which was hailed as the world’s first ever smartphone by Apple, its manufacturer.

It wasn’t just an all-singing, all-dancing piece of technology, it was able to play music, tell you the latest news and weather forecasts, update you on all the latest sports results, take pictures and movies and send text messages and make calls too.

Although the batteries have become much more dynamic, they still struggle with the plethora of tasks and apps designed to run on our mobile phones.  Let’s take a closer look under the bonnet of the solar shirt designed by Van Dongen, this is one fashionable way to charge a mobile phone.  The shirt was developed in a project partnership with the Holst Centre and has 120 tiny solar cells that incorporate the technology directly into the fabric.

It is attractive and can be purchased off the peg and is used, not only as a fashion item but, for charging up a mobile phone.  If you wear the shirt outside on a bright and sunny day, it will produce enough electricity to provide one watt of charging power for your now eco-friendly mobile phone.  And when your mobile phone is near dead for lack of power, one watt is a princely sum.

The solar panels and circuitry actually form part of the design, so it looks attractive and fits well with a fashion statement too.  It can also charge any other device that requires charging, as long as it’s USB compatible and portable.

To charge a mobile phone you need between 2 and 6 watts of power

The shirt has its own battery that can store power for when you need it next.  The battery pack is discreetly hidden in the shirt’s top front pocket and is invisible to others. Van Dongen’s next venture is to branch out and start designing other garments that will charge our greener mobiles and CO2 free mobile phones.

Look out for that killer solar-powered dress displayed on a catwalk near you or that light jacket project that changes colour when worn at night.