Can you throw a mobile phone 96 meters?

American football player throwing a ball

Over the last decade, Finland has become the epicenter of a cult for throwing your mobile phone as far as you can, otherwise known as the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, for the Finns, mobile phone throwing is actually a national sport in Finland.  So the question stands, can you throw a mobile phone 96 meters?

Just why would you throw you’re once loved pride and joy, the device that was your friend, diary, organizer, the device you used to order pizzas, taxis, etc on, so why would you throw it?  Well let’s go back in time first, the games began in Savolinnain Finland back in 2000, they went international in 2004, whereby every man and his old mobile (and sometimes an iPhone 4) throw a mobile as far as a person can throw.  The contestants throw mobile phones that have been donated or provided, they are not allowed to bring their own devices.  The rules strictly adhered to.

So why throw a mobile phone?  At the heart of it, it’s a fun way of engaging people to be aware of recycling.  A few of the big recycling companies have gotten behind the idea and are now sponsoring the games, to help support the principles of environmentally-sound disposal of mobile phones and electronic goods.

So armed with a mobile that weighs about 220grams, there are four games, the ‘Traditional’ you get three goes at throwing your mobile phone, simple – the furthest throw wins.  Then there’s the ‘Freestyle’ which the contestants get points for creativity and aesthetics choreographics for throwing a phone.  And then there are the ‘Traditional Little League’ games for children under 12, yep the little ones get to throw a mobile phone too.  Finally, there’s the ‘Team Original’ where up to three competitors have one throw each with their scores added together.

Freestyle mobile points throwing is where the contestants get points for aesthetics and creative choreography.

There is an official jury, who presides over the event, and it is they and they alone that determine if the throw is a good throw and approved.  And don’t be thinking that you can appeal your throw, that’s a big no, as absolutely no appeals are allowed.

Just if you’re wondering, the current (unofficial) world record as of August 2007, for the furthest single throw is 95.83 (314.4) ft by Chris Hughff.  I tried to throw a mobile and all I could manage was 38 meters, so hats off to you Chris.