Asus The Zenfone Max with 5000 mAh battery


The Asus The Zenfone Max just keeps going and going, and just when you think it’s run out, its 5000 mAh battery always finds a little bit more.  We are all too familiar with taking our smartphones out with us on a day out in the country, a music festival, a long hike or just a day out at the zoo with the kids, only to become dismayed when our power-hungry batteries lose power faster than the plastic beer glass with a hole in the bottom does.

Just having a battery that can handle all the apps, the calls, updates on social media, camera shots and video for an entire day shouldn’t be too much to ask from developers, but it seems it is – until now.  And Asus has given us green communication.  It’s something we have been begging for since smartphones first came along around seven years ago!

The Asus ZenFone range is getting a new addition to the family – the ZenFone Max and it is something smartphone users will have been waiting for a long time now.  A battery with beef – one that can handle the multitude of apps, everyday usage, and general power draining operations we all use every day on our smartphones.  And it comes in the form of a powerful, dynamic and long lasting 5,000 mAh battery.

Now, most of us don’t know what 5,000 mAh actually means in terms of power storage but it is enough to allow even the most power-hungry phone user to get through to the end of the day without having to shut down background apps, recharge at a power point or simply not use your smartphone for fear of it running out of power at the great concert you went to or that day out at the seaside.

But it is not just the powerful battery that will excite those getting excited about the ZenFone Max but it’s a phone with a 6-inch display which gives it that tablet look, rather than a phone in your pocket.  The display comes with a Snapdragon 410 processor and a healthy 2GB of RAM.

The Asus The Zenfone Max comes in some funky colors; Blue, Orange, White, and Black.

A 5,000 mAh battery is a huge step forward in smartphone technology and one that we have all been screaming out for.  The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a battery of just 2,550 mAh, so the ZenFone Max can boast almost double the power and half the frustration of us that are heavy on our smartphone, the Max may well be the phone for users that need battery power.