Apple mobile phones are going green

apple mobile phones are easy to recycle yes

There’s always a lot of talk about if Apple mobiles phones are going green.  And if one company is really making an effort to reduce its impact on the planet, then choosing an Apple device is no bad thing.  But here’s some inside mobile phone news, is that the whole mobile community across the globe is watching Apple’s new initiative: ‘The Apple Renew Programme’.  Just trade in your ‘eligible’ smartphone and with the credit, you can use it to lower the price of your new smartphone, simples. 

Company CEO, Tim Cook is driving the incentive with every ounce of enthusiasm, just as much it would appear, as Steve Jobs would have done.  Mr. Cook, who went toe to toe with the FBI back in 2016, would seem no stranger to taking on a project and taking it to the max.  His latest appetite is taking on any aspect of the Company that could harm the environment.

Corporations, across the world, are taking climate change seriously, even if some politicians are not.  Apple is making a considered drive to reduce and or cut its CO2 emissions totally.  They have adopted the use of fuel cells for its data centers as well as the use of solar energy.  So much so, that all of Apple’s US operations are now entirely powered, using clean energy.  It’s an initiative that’s not just another windbag idea from a Big Company to save the planet – it’s more than that. The 41-year-old company is one of the world’s largest to ever exist, and with it putting its weight behind such an environmental principle, other companies and politicians could follow suit.

The target for the company is to become 100 percent carbon neutral across its global estate.  A heady target for the company to derive all of its energy needs.  Looking at the latest data, the corporation has reported a 93 percent usage within all its facilities worldwide by renewable/sustainable energy.  We are talking 23 countries, which includes China, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, reaching the 100 percent carbon neutral mark.

Carbon in the atmosphere is absorbed by all this greenery and on the face of it everything sounds pretty rosy in the garden, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, all this extra greenery will only be a temporary offshoot of the extra carbon being taken in by plant and tree life.

Other environmental responses to reducing resource use, include the box and paperwork that comes with your brand-new iPhone.  Recycled paper, materials, and resources will only be taken from sustainably managed forests.  Which is important for the planet’s atmosphere, as it could be the catalyst to stop illegal logging in tropical rainforests, like those in Indonesia and the Amazonian region.

Apple mobile phones are going green in a big way

In a recent Apple advert, it presented a total resource deconstruction of the iPhone, starting from scratch.  Like, how the silver or aluminum used is recycled, how the mobile phone wouldn’t employ any wood that might have been shamelessly chainsawed from our diminishing tropical rainforests.

Mr. Cook, well done