Apple campus 2 – the greenest building of them all

Apples new office the grenest of them all

Lots of companies have started down the path of housing their staff under earth-friendly building designs in an effort to reduce their carbon impact on the planet.  All over the planet, healthy, greener environments powered by renewable sources of energy are springing up in an effort, to make a change.  One such building strides to the front of truly eco-friendliness is the Apple campus 2 – the greenest building of them all.

‘Campus 2’ in California, USA, is very much in the public eye is and will be operational in 2016, it is being touted as the greenest building of the planet, the description of the campus is exciting but till the time it goes live it’s hard to say much.  But it’s like this eco-friendly building will prove it to the world that high levels of water and energy efficiency are achievable.

Tim Cook talked about this building at a Climate Week Conference which was held in New York.  The company will try to make use of renewable sources of energy to fulfill the energy demands of the building and will plant around 7,000 trees so as to create a green environment all around.  Also, there will be a lot of focus on the use of recycled materials.

Any company which has a green campus is popular all over the world and also sets an example for others.  We all know that there is a need for people to think of different ways to protect the environment.  Setting up an eco-friendly building is going to be a great thing for the environment, as more and more companies are likely to follow.

If Apple claims it to be the greenest building on the planet, that’s a high benchmark for sure.  Once the building is going to open, then only we can judge whether it is actually true or not.  Apple is one brand we can really trust, so we expect something truly amazing from the company.

The campus will be run on 100% renewable energy, including solar energy and biofuels, and there will also be a total of 7,000 trees

There are various design plans which are being considered by Apple for this new eco-friendly building.  The cement which will be used in this building will be transported in a unique way.  With the old cement recycled and used in the construction of the building.  None of the renewable sources of energy used in the design of the building have been disclosed, but it is expected that it will be either solar or wind.  Also, the building will have natural ventilation.

So, let’s wait till 2016 and see what this building is going to be like.  Something amazing.