Aerius – A better mobile phone aerial

A better aerial for your mobile phone Aerius US

So are they a better aerial and why?  Well, you’ll be finding out soon as MediaG3 and Aerius are launching their revolutionary patented mobile antennas throughout the world.  Aerious is a US-based company produces high-performance mobile phone engineering and product design, they won the Frost & Sullivan Green technology award for wireless technologies back in 2009.

What’s so special about their aerials?  It’s all in the design, Aerius equipped phones can deliver up to 2 to 4 more hours of battery life, increase your handsets range, whilst at the same time reducing the frequency of dropped calls by over 60%.  So if your battery lasts longer, then you don’t have to charge as much, hurrah less carbon generated into the atmosphere.

Plus, there’s an extra plus.  After the production of a mobile phone, the next amount of high carbon production is in the use of a mobile.  Making calls creates carbon, so with better aerial technology the antennae masts which send you your signal will work more efficiently which helps cut down on their emissions by almost 50% so it’s a win-win situation.