A Mobile phone made from Bamboo


This really is a beautiful mobile phone, for the average person or a business user, it has style, speed and has to be the most environmentally friendly mobile phone in the world. 

Everyone is quite used to the idea of mobile phones being made from metal, in our time reviewing mobile phones and smartphones, we’ve seen some very interesting concepts for making the frame of a mobile, phone, bamboo has been one, wood, grass, glass, rubber, there seem no end of ideas, to try and reduce the resources or at least to make them from a sustainable resource.

And it doesn’t get much more sustainable than Bamboo.  The favorite food of the Giant Panda’s is the fastest growing plant on the planet.  And on a good day can grow 3 feet in height in 24 hours under appropriate climate conditions.  And not only is it tough, but Bamboo can also release 30% more oxygen into our atmosphere, at the same time absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plants. 

The Chute Smartphone by US designer Michael Laut is just like any other ordinary smartphone, but where it differs from the crowd is that it is an outstanding design that may well turn that kind of previous design thinking on it head, as the Chute is a blend of natural materials – bamboo and modern-day technologies.

With its shell made entirely from bamboo, it packs in a whole bunch of features that come with most smartphones.  Organic materials like Bamboo are back in the news again as a viable alternative as it is both highly sustainable and it can be grown extremely fast.   So this might be just the way With this green mobile phone, the bamboo case is light, totally bio-degradable and recyclable, it’s stronger than plastic, extremely hardwearing and much more Earth-friendly.

A concept phone it may well be, but it could well be the face of things to come?