A bikini that will clean up the ocean?

Self cleaning bikini

The first modern bikini was unveiled in 1946, they were first heard of in 4th-century Roman times.  They are excellent for catching a tan but I doubt ever before that a bikini used to clean up the ocean.

This technology has been developed by professors Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan of UCLA along with Ph.D. students Daisy Patino and Hamed Bay.  Dr.Mihri Ozkan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and her core area of research is inventing ways to clean up oceans.  Her husband, Cengiz, on the other hand, is Professor of Electrical engineering.

The sponge material is a reusable material produced from heated sucrose which is a porous component that also has hydrophobic properties.  So it absorbs harmful wastes and repels water.  And since the pollutants are trapped in the pores of this material, there is no threat to the person wearing it.  And the other good news is this material is not only environmentally friendly but is also pocket-friendly.

This material was then taken up by the designers at Eray Carbajo (Design and architecture firm), for the manufacture of the first swim-suit.  The sponge has been made into 3D printable designs and is made up of a strong and flexible elastomer.  This material can also be used to make other swimming accessories like caps, wetsuits, and trunks for men. So now you can now look stunning as you contribute to a cause!

In 1946, French engineer Louise Réard designed the Bikini – it was then declared sinful by the Vatican!

This sponge swimsuit can take in up to 25 times its original mass.  The absorbed pollutants are then released by heating it at 1000 degree Celsius.  This swimsuit can be used up to 20 times after which it will have to be replaced.  The oceans are full of pollutants and although the sponge bikini may not make a huge contribution towards cleaning them up, this product can make a small difference and can be considered as a stepping stone towards making the world a cleaner place.