Blackberry Empathy Mobile Phone


Blackberry Goes Empathic 7mph was the first speed ever recorded for a car, that’s a little faster than walking, now they do 180mph on a regular basis.  Back in the day, mobile phones were much the same, B&W; they held 20 records and had a battery life of two hours.  And now we have smartphones, that truly is smart.
The first network was obviously 1G; this was built in the 1980s. 2G followed suit in the early ’90s, and 3G was built in the late ’90s.  It was with 3G that you could first use applications, hence the rise of the smartphone. 4G looks to build on this network.

But now

The BlackBerry empathy designed by Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon is at cutting edge of 21st mobiles. At its heart it uses biometric technology to sense emotional data of the user, collecting data of the wearer’s heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and skin secretions to reveal the user’s emotional health.

With an OLED touchscreen that’s transparent when not in use and opaque at other times.  It has all the usual goodies, like email, SMS, contacts, music, and camera and it uses a conductive charging dock.

The project is sponsored by RIM Blackberry.